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Choosing a financial advisory partner is one of the most important — and personal — decisions someone can make. 



Become a Client with Pedey Group

At Pedey Investment Management Group, integrity and ethics sit at the forefront of our structure and process. All our decisions are driven by the aim of supporting our clients’ needs and goals. 

While we provide many tangible services, such as personalized investment portfolios and concrete retirement and financial planning advice, we also take pride in the intangible benefits we offer our clients — the peace of mind that comes from knowing an entire team is dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals.

We also work collaboratively with our clients’ other professional advisors to ensure seamless planning and execution, providing a main point of contact for clients as they navigate the journey of financial planning.

Our holistic financial planning services are designed to absorb the stresses and complexities of wealth management, allowing clients to focus on what really matters. On their careers, businesses, families, and communities. On what makes them happy, and inspires them to get out of bed every morning and create the life they want to live. 






Who We Serve

Pedey Group best serves clients who demonstrate the desire to save money and actively engage in their financial futures. They are working to accumulate wealth, while maintaining a realistic understanding of their situation and feeling around money. They are open to potential possibilities and accepting of financial advice and guidance. 

Pedey Group is a relationship-based firm. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their objectives before making any decisions on investments or retirement planning. Because personal relationships are our priority, we hold multiple meetings with potential clients before making any recommendations or accepting new accounts. We want to determine that our offerings are a match for your needs, and ensure your expectations align with our strengths.

We do not have an asset minimum for prospective clients, but we do maintain a compatibility and personality minimum. We want to work with people interested in a long-term partnership.






Intergenerational Financial Planning

We feel it is our duty to not just take care of what matters to our clients while they are still with us, but also uphold their legacy into the future. That means we often work closely with the children and grandchildren of long-term clients to sustain and grow their own financial success.

Explore our process and approach here.

The first step to becoming a client is a conversation. We invite you to connect with us and learn more about how we can help support your financial goals and security for a full and rewarding lifestyle.